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Want to be the subject of envy? We have wardrobe essentials that’ll help

We all love being appreciated in some form or the other and being the subject of someone’s envy. It means that you are doing something that someone else wishes they could do to. So, we’ve got some tricks and tips that will put you on the path of being subject to envy!

  • Shorts that shout out

No, we don’t mean any ordinary pair of riff-raff shorts, but something like this pair on Kiabza. Wear them to on a night out with the girl gang or even for some luxuriant me-time at the mall. Better yet, wear them when you are on your way to the spa for a relaxing day and feel a little bit better about yourself! Pair them with a crop top or even an asymmetrical cut tunic for a perfect look that will shift from day to night the blink of an eye!

  • Dungarees that make you a darling

Pant suits, onesies, jumpsuits or good ol’ dungarees whatever you’d like to call them, are pieces of clothing that have the power to make everyone feel great. With a wide variety of styles – from palazzos to bell bots to skinny fits and even short lengths, dungarees come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a silhouette that flatters your body type and wear it to a party or even a Sunday brunch to make heads turn with admiration.

  • T –Shirts with collar

Contrary to popular belief, T –Shirts with collar aren’t just for men any longer. Women have started to wear them and have successfully made it their own. This is just another style that you can add to your wardrobe and carry it off with panache. From tucking it in when paired with high-waist pants, they can even be worn with a side knot teamed up with jeans will make you look suave – a sight for sore eyes to many.

  • Track pants

From Victoria Beckham to Deepika Padukone, from Emma Watson to Kareena Kapoor – all of our favourite celebs have resorted to stepping out in comfort in a pair of track pants and made us wonder if we’ll ever be able to carry ourselves that well. Tell you what, you’ll never know unless you try. So next time around – pair a great blouse with a pair of tracks and emulate your fav celeb with style! Find a pair of tracks worth investing in only on Kiabza.

  • Capris that cut to the chase

For those of us who are not as comfortable in our skins and are rather inhibitive about putting on a short dress or a pair of shorts, doesn’t mean that we have to spend our lives in floor length pants or jeans. There are always capris that you can turn to. Capris are great for everyone and help you experiment with the lengths of your pants comfortably. Find one for yourself, here.

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