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Tips to keep your clothes looking new for longer

Clothes are largely responsible for defining our style. While fashion can vary from season to season, we all have a different style that we exhibit through our clothing. We all secretly desire that our clothes look brand new, despite us wearing them several times. So, can we do anything that will help them retain their ‘newness’? Can we preserve them so as to make them last longer in our closet and eventually in our lives? We give you 4 tips to make your clothes look new for longer, so you can make the most of them!

1. Use salt to wash darker colours Salt is essential in almost every food item we eat, but have you wondered what else salt can be used for? Salt is known to have chloride which will help the clothes stay brighter and retain their colour even after washing them frequently. You could try adding a spoon of salt while washing seven to ten dark coloured clothes. Also make sure you wash them separately to avoid bleeding.

2. Wrap soft fabrics such as chiffons in butter paper. It’s hard to resist buying soft fabrics mainly because they’re too comfortable to wear. But what should you do preserve their softness? If they have embellishments of any sort, it can easily get stuck in the fabric and spoil its texture in no time. You can try folding such clothes inside out, or fold them and keep them wrapped in butter paper so they don’t get mixed with other clothes and just tend to remain cleaner even after a long time.

3. Use Neem leaves to avoid moth bites Jackets are so in right now, especially since winter has opened its doors. Don’t we all have a tendency to hoard jackets? Since we don’t want to wear the same jacket every day, it can become quite a pain to keep all of them in place properly. But what after winter gets over? Nobody wants to take out their favourite jacket out in winter only to find a moth bite on it, right? To keep them fresh, you can put in a few Neem leaves in your wardrobe to store them and wear them worry-free.

4. Keep your denim from fading or looking old there is nothing as comfortable yet fashionable as a denim outfit. Be it jeans, or your jacket, or even a denim dress, it’s always so easy to pull it off. Although, it is not true for a fact that jeans need to be washed after every wear. But while you wash them, you should turn them inside out and only hand wash them or wash them on a gentle rinse cycle. Also, don’t wring them as it will spoil the texture and quality of the fabric, making them look worn out. With online stores like Kiabza that let you resell preowned clothes, it gets easier to sell clothes that you don’t need. Whatever the reason is, with the above tips, you can always make sure your clothes stay as good as new, so as to get a good deal on them when you plan to resell.

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