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This is how we do summer smart casuals at work, men

While it might be tempting to slip on shorts and a T-shirt for work in summer, your boss might give you the stink eye and even show you the door if you land up to work dressed like that. But worry not, brave men; there are ways to dress comfortable and casual for work, while keeping your boss and you cool.

Here are a few pointers from us. Pick the right clothes from your wardrobe and you are set to go, to work, sadly.

Short-sleeved shirts
If your body and mind want a t-shirt, but the boss insists on shirts, go for a short-sleeved shirt. It looks smarter and it is the coolest way to look and feel, well, cool.Why stick to plain solids when you can pick a pattern and add some fun and festivity to the office environment.

Wear a white t-shirt inside and you can go from work to fun in the blink of an eye. What about the fabric? Stay away from synthetics, and opt for cotton and linen to stay fresh and cool all day long.

Suit shorts
If you’re not the guy stuck in a formal environment, you can reach office sporting a cool pair of chinos or denim shorts. Make sure they are ‘office’ length. In colours too, go for basics like beige, khaki, cream, etc.

Polo shirts
If even a short-sleeved shirt is not your cup of tea in summer, you can opt for a polo shirt instead. It strikes the right balance between smart and casual, and goes well with a casual to semi-casual office setup too. Moreover, you get the dual benefit of a comfortable cotton fabric and the collar of a formal shirt.The market is filled with polo shirts in many colours and patterns too, but we recommend sticking to solid colours or minimal geometric prints.

Did you think that only women have innumerable choices when it comes to their shoes? There are options for men also, if you give it more thought than just ‘black, brown and sports’. Let’s just look at what you can wear to work in summer.

Tennis shoes
Not the ones that you might actually be using when you play tennis. Look for good quality canvas, rubber-soled shoes. Pick something in white or a cream, so it goes with your semi-formal look. The best part is that you can easily transition from your work mode to an evening out with your friends without worrying about changing the shoe.

Remember to keep them clean. They are not sports shoes that can get scruffy or dirty.

Boat shoes
You can be safely on land and still carry off a pair of smart boat shoes. You get them in various colours. Find something that you can wear to work. You can get a little playful here if your office encourages casual dressing, or if you have a Friday dress code.

Don’t wear socks with them though (looks silly, believe us). You can invest in a pair of cotton invisible socks if you can’t imagine wearing shoes otherwise.

Desert boots
Ahh, the classic desert boots. They are smart and fun; formal and casual; good for work and great when hanging out with friends in the evening. Invest in a good pair which will last you many summers.

What not to wear during summer
Now that we’ve told you what you can wear, here’s a quick list of things NOT to wear to work in summer.
-Don’t wear bright colours. Stay with light coloured basics that you can mix ’n’ match.
-Summer is harsh on the body. You perspire more and synthetic clothes don’t let you breathe. Opt for ONLY cotton or linens to stay cool and fresh all day long.
-Say no to Capri pants, cargo shorts, and the lethal socks and sandals combination. No, they suit no one. No one at all.
-Shorts are fine, as long as they are formal or semi-formal, and of an ‘office’ length.
-No flipflops, no floaters and no espadrilles, under any circumstances.

Yes, summer is a tough season to go through. But with these handy tips, you can avoid making classic summer dressing mistakes. Step into to get the perfect wardrobe for yourself.

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