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Pre-Owned Clothes – Every Millennial’s Dream Wardrobe

pre owned fashion

If the first thing you remember when you look at the photo that is still on your mom’s bedside table of you in a floral dress is that it looked better on your elder sister, you are not alone. Growing up as Indian kids, we’ve always had hand-me-downs. Some pieces that we’ve looked forward to, while others we’ve just been forced to put on and smile.

Even as you grow up, you might find yourself eyeing the expensive pair of shoes that your brother brought, or the luxe tote that your  aunt got while on one of her sprees abroad.  Wearing or using something that is someone else’s is not unknown to us. However, if you were to buy yourself something that someone has already used, most people would be rather sceptical to do so.  What people don’t realize is that pre-owned clothes are and can be a sensible choice.

Numbers and facts

Pre-owned clothes as an industry currently generates an annual revenue of $17 billion in the United States alone, says a First Research report updated in 2017.  Further growth is being forecasted for the industry as the demand for such clothes is rising. The expected market value is supposed to be capped at $33 billion by 2021, with retailers competing with individuals and boutiques selling pre-owned clothes.

Social media apps such as Instagram have helped the cause of pre-owned clothes very much. Hashtags the likes of #shopmycloset and #buymylook have trended globally, and have allowed people to shed their inhibitions about pre-owned clothes and put them on.

Hear it from the horse’s mouth

Global fashion bloggers like Bianca Alexander have gone onto say, “Vintage, preowned and recycled fashion is not only timeless, it’s the most conscious way to make a powerful fashion statement.”

While shopping for the season’s latest fashion at your favourite retail outlet can be therapeutic and even necessary, shopping for pre-owned clothes has its own charm. Alden Wicker, another popular fashion blogger and collector of pre-owned pieces explains by saying, “Shopping new is an exercise in careful selection. It is reasoned. You come in with a plan and execute.

Tender love and care

Why pre-owned clothing goes onto provide such experiences to people is a fact that needs to be highlighted. Whether people go to shops or an online portal, pre-owned clothing goes through stringent quality checks at multiple levels to ensure that customers get something worth their money.

At Kiabza, a quality check process ensures that we offer only the best to our buyers. From washing to packaging, each item sold with us is scanned and only clothes that pass our parameters are put up for sale.

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