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Make your wardrobe winter ready from the snug comfort of your home

Winter has been poetically compared to love – both are beautiful and peace-inducing. It is a time of the year that most of us look forward to as the sun finally becomes soothing and not scorching. The weather makes us cuddle up and stay indoors and enjoy the most delicious food – from comforting soups to decadent sweet delights. Let’s not even get started on the festivities and all the celebrations that the season brings along. To put it simply – winter is blissful.

For clothes aficionados across the globe, any excuse is a good enough reason to revamp our wardrobe, so imagine the place that winter holds. For some us, myself included, I plan my wardrobe around winter, and prefer to invest in an overcoat rather than another summer dress!

As winter is coming, here’s how you can prep your wardrobe and make it winter-ready.

  • Some quality wardrobe and me time

If you are one of those people who have an extremely busy social life, you should block one Sunday afternoon for rearranging your wardrobe. Winter clothes are generally more bulky and will require a fair share of space in your wardrobe, that is why it is best to plan ahead of time, rather than complain later, which you and I both know is likely to happen nevertheless!

  • Air the pieces that you will wear on a regular basis

Sweaters, jackets, pullovers, scarves and all other pieces that will become your new staples will require a bit of sunlight and fresh air to breathe new life into them. Of course, this will also help them to even out the wrinkles and ward off any funky smells that they may have caught over the past year.

  • Choose what to pack away and what to keep

Contrary to popular belief, winter will not require you to put away all your summertime favourites. T-shirts, shorts and even dresses can be worn in winter, only if paired right. The secret is to layer up – and layer up in a way that flatters your body type. This versatile jacket from Zara will help you perfectly. The rest of the items can easily be packed away in a way so that you can use them again when the time comes.

  • Add some new pieces

A new season calls for new entrants into your wardrobe. Why should winter be any exception? With a smart strategy and a shoestring budget, (yes, a shoestring budget) you can add a lot of new things to your wardrobe and look as fresh as ever.  Simple things like this pair of DKNY jeans or even this BCBG dress can ensure that you are sorted for the winter.

  • Create a list

Generally, people wear one cardigan or pullover repeatedly and end up looking the same every other day. To avoid this, you can create a plan for important dates and events and fill in the pieces that you wish to wear on those days. This will help you save the time taken to decide what to wear and prevent you from looking like you own just one thing.

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