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Ladies, 7 ways to dress cool for work this summer

Summer is well and truly upon us. And while we might leave home looking bright and fresh, before you reach work, you are a bedraggled mess, looking more like something the cat dragged in.

You might be tempted to go in shorts and casual tees to work, but your boss might not look upon you favourably.

So, here’s what you do instead. Follow these 7 tips to achieve summer coolness at work.

#1 Start at the bottom
Let’s start with the shoes. We lose heat through our feet and need to wear the right shoes that help feet ‘breathe’.Strappy sandals are a godsend, but only if you’ve got a pedi in time. Feet need to look pretty to carry off strappy sandals.

If you’re wearing closed toes, then invest in some silk-cotton ‘ballerina socks’ inside to stop your shoes from asphyxiating people when you remove them.

#2 Dress it up
Summer dresses look and feel cool, and they come in a variety of styles and colours depending on the dress culture of your workplace. And the best part, most women look great in them! Looking for nice but inexpensive clothing?

#3 High quality t-shirts
Yes, you can wear tees to work, but only the high-quality ones from good brands that retain their colour and shape even after multiple washes.

Pick some in neutral colours that you can wear with long skirts or tailored pants. No words and no bold designs, please.

#4 Everything’s material
Stay away from synthetic or clingy material. Cotton and linen are your only friends in summer. Avoid skinny jeans too. Try to have minimal fabric touching your skin in this heat.

#5 Don’t sweat it
Whatever you wear, you are going to sweat. Pick clothes with geometric prints or florals that are excellent at concealing sweat patches. Banish those greys and pastels to the back of your cupboard.

If you must wear light colours, then a jacket or waistcoat comes handy.

#6 What lies beneath
Ditch the underwired bra. Slip on a soft cotton bralette or one with clip-on straps that you can remove when you head out for the evening straight after work. Sports bras are great too, as they absorb moisture quickly.

#7 Accessorise right
Your accessories are key to completing the look. Ditch the large tote and opt for a small bag. Throw in a belt, large earrings, a warm lipstick and maybe a scarf to finish the look.

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