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How Kiabza is simplifying the #YouBuyISell process

Pre-owned is cool. It’s a smart way to shop for what you want while saving a neat sum of money. What’s more, you actually help extend the life of the product when you choose not to buy something new, and this reduces the world’s carbon footprint. So it’s a win-win for all – even for mother Earth.

At Kiabza, we are making the buying and selling of pre-owned fashion garments smart, simple, safe and secure for our sellers and buyers – several miles ahead of other reseller sites. This is how:

1. Assurance of complete authenticity of brands
Kiabza has a policy of accepting only those branded garments from sellers that form part of its pre-approved list. Experts at Kiabza who have more than decades of experience in the clothing industry screen the garments for genuineness, ensuring that you get nothing but authentic and original brands here. Go ahead and look your best.

2. Assurance of quality
The experienced team at Kiabza screens each piece of clothing for wear and tear, defects, stains, shape and colour fading, and any such clothing that fails to meet it’s stringent quality standards, is either returned to the seller or donated to charity with the seller’s consent. Kiabza accepts and sells clothes that are not older than 3 years of age. Kiabza also follows a complete Dry Cleaning process for sanitizing the clothes, carries out a barcoding and tagging process and performs multiple quality control checks before the clothes are shipped to the buyer. This way, the buyer is assured of a certain standard of quality.

3. Assurance of total transparency
Depending on their condition, the clothes are categorized as New with Tags, New without Tags, Nearly New, Worn a few times, and Teeny-Weeny Imperfection. This way, nothing is hidden from the buyer, who can then make an informed choice.

4. Free shipping
Kiabza is currently providing free shipping and returns to all its customers whether seller or

5. Excellent communication
Kiabza informs you of your selling or buying status at all critical stages. It’s charges and margins are clearly published on its site for all to see, ensuring a high level of openness and trust.

6. Easy payment options
Kiabza offers cash on delivery, and a 10% discount for those who make an online payment using credit or debit cards, the net banking platform and wallets.

7. Easy returns
Buyers can avail of Kiabza’s easy returns policy and experience convenience just like any giant online store.

8. Security of information
Kiabza protects the data of its sellers and buyers and never stores sensitive information
concerning debit or credit cards.

9. Easy consignment process for sellers
Sellers simply need to fill up a simple form and schedule a free pickup. They can send in as many garments as they wish, as long as they comply with all of the stated requirements. The selling price of each garment is mutually agreed upon after it has been screened by Kiabza.
It is for these and many more reasons that you’ll find buying and selling on Kiabza truly revolutionary.

Discover right away how everyone can benefit from branded fashion wear.

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