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12 tips from Fashion Experts to stay fashionably cool this Summer

Who says you cannot stay cool in summer and yet look hot! Don’t drop your fashion quotient when you decide to drop the layers. Try these 12 fashion backed hacks instead.

#1 Loosen up with flowing dresses
Summer is the time for clothes to be loose and airy. Loose dresses means minimal fabric touching your body, keeping you cool and comfortable. Believe us, a flowy dress will keep you cooler than shorts and a tight tanktop. The latter will make you look and feel hot.

#2 Skip the padded bra
Swap the padded bra for a soft bralette – unlined and unwired please. That foam padding might make you look great, but all you get is sweaty and prickly boobs. Major ugh!

#3 Pick structured clothes
When we say structured, we don’t mean heavy embroidery. Lightweight material is a great response to summer, but that type can stick to you the minute you begin to sweat. Some structure, some form, like embroidery or seams, keeps the material away from your body while allowing it to breathe.

#4 Heard of open knits?
Summer is when you can go a little bolder and wear dresses with open-weave knits. The joy of the cool breeze can only be felt to be enjoyed. Dress in layers so you don’t feel self-conscious.

#5 Natural versus synthetic
It’s no brainer that summer is when you should choose natural fabrics, like cotton. It lets you breath, and not only does it absorb sweat, but it also dries very quickly, cooling you in the bargain.

#6 Patterns, not embellishments
You can look bright and cheerful in summer without overdoing it. Pick dresses and clothes with patterns and stay away from heavy embellishments, like beads or metals. Your clothes will get weighed down by embellishments and will trap body heat.

#7 Hats and scarves
Carry a wide-brimmed hat or always have a lightweight, woven scarf handy. Gently drape it (don’t wrap it tightly) around your head and shoulders when the heat is on. It will make you look chic while keeping the sun off you.

#8 No lining, please
Oh, the idea! Wear skirts, dresses and jackets without lining. Do you really need that extra layer when everything is screaming cool, cool, cool! You will sweat more, heat up faster, and the lining will keep that heat trapped close to you.

#9 Minimal baggage
Exchange your heavy tote for a small handbag or a slingbag. Use summer to clear out the mess in your bag. Stick to the basics, and feel light and carefree.

#10 Tie-off that hair
A scarf can be really handy when getting that thick mane off your neck. You can tie your hair with it or wear it around your neck. Just make sure it’s cotton. You can also dip it in cold water to give your neck a cooling kick.

#11 Sleeves are your best friends
You might be tempted to wear sleeveless in summer, but try and cover up when you step out in the sun. Not only is the sun bad for your skin, but direct sunlight can also raise your overall body temperature.

#12 Accessorise with care
If you love accessories (and who doesn’t?), pick big earrings over everything else. Neckpieces will feel heavy against your chest, metal rings will get hot, and bracelets cover wrists, important cooling points on your body.

12 hacks to make you look and feel cool this summer. Try them and tell us what worked best for you! Don’t forget to check out our summer collection.

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