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All you men out there: here are 5 ways to wear your classic black shirt

When it comes to clothing, women have more than many options, but men are left with limited dressing options. It is rightly said that a black shirt can never go wrong. Whether you’re going out with your friends or heading for a family dinner, a classic black shirt is all you need to stand out in the crowd. Add versatility to your personality in these 5 ways:

  • A light pair of denim:

Want to maintain a casual look? Look effortlessly handsome by teaming your classic black shirt with light jeans. Denim is undoubtedly every guy’s go-to option when it comes to bottoms. It is not only offers top comfort, but is also very easy to maintain. This is an evergreen look that never fails to impress.  

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  • Pair it with light printed shorts:

A super simple way to maintain a relaxed look is by pairing your solid black shirt with light printed shorts. If you’re going to attend a beach party, then this ‘chilled’ summer look coupled with your favourite shades is all you need to steal the limelight of the party!

Pro Tip: You could enhance your look with your preferred denim jacket.


  • Formal trousers:


Very often, guys have a hard time deciding what to wear to an office party.  If you want to look fashionable yet not overdressed, then a classic black shirt is your solution. A solid black shirt with formal trousers rarely goes wrong for office parties, especially if you’re heading straight after work. A black shirt is definitely a must-have for all the guys who want to look effortlessly stylish at their office events.

What you can additionally do to add a dash of elegance to your personality is secure your shirt with silver cufflinks.  


  • Wear it with a casual jacket and pair it with chinos:


Chinos are for those who want to make a lasting impression. If you want a weekend look, then look no further. Teaming chinos with a solid black shirt will only enhance your elegance and versatility. Gift your loved ones a pair of chinos and a black shirt to your loved one and help them flaunt their style quotient.

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  • Wear them with a pair of crisp khaki pants:


Want to make an authoritative appearance? The timeless khaki pant paired with a classic black shirt is your key to be the best-dressed man at the party. Not many would opt for khaki pants, so chances are that you might be the unique one at the party.

Have you decided which look are you going to go with? These looks are sure to make you look confident and stylish. Regardless of what the occasion may be, a solid black shirt is all you need to complete your trendy and classy look.

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