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8 hacks to dress your child cutely in the monsoon

Kids love the rain, and the rain, it loves kids too. With all its mud and wetness and humidity! How do you let your kids be kids for the next three-four months, while letting them dress just right? What should children wear?

Here are 8 handy tips that we’ve collected from experts. Follow them, and your child will be monsoon-ready and cute in just a few steps.

#1 Stock your kid’s wardrobe with weather-appropriate clothes
What do we mean by weather-appropriate kids apparel?

Instinct might tell you to stay away from cotton and go with synthetics for faster drying. But we’ve found that kids’ skin is the most sensitive in humid climates. Cotton is perfect because it is natural and does not cause rashes unlike other material.

Avoid heavy fabric like denim and stay away from layering as this will just keep the child wet and cold.

#2 What should the child wear?
Now that you know what materials to avoid, what should your kid wear? There is so much in kids fashion to choose from, it can get mind-boggling.

The monsoon is the season for shorts, skirts, cotton leggings and sun dresses. Look for kids designer clothes that have a loose fit and will not chaff against skin. Invest in clothes that are sturdy and can handle repeated washing (we’re talking about wet grass and mud stains here).

#3 Go with bright colours
The monsoon season heralds the end of summer and the beginning of school days, which means drab and boring uniforms. You can make the rest of their day fun and exciting by choosing clothes with bright colours and fun prints. Checks, stripes, favourite cartoon characters, funky prints … there’s a lot that can be explored in the kids’ section, trust us.

You can also pick up bright and colourful raincoats. Once again, prints of their favourite cartoon characters are a hit with kids.

#4 Have a lot of clothes ready
The earlier tip about mud and grass stains? That means your child is really enjoying the season. However, that also means you need to wash many clothes, a lot many times. And given the weather, clothes don’t dry too quickly. The only solution is to have a lot of clothes ready for these few months.

Make sure there are enough outfits to change into throughout the day, especially since your child could also be busy in numerous after-school activities.

#5 Footwear matters
Pick something that is sturdy, has a good grip and also allows the feet to breathe. Yes, kids outgrow shoes very quickly, so cost might be a constraint, but a well-fitted pair of rubber sandals or cotton slip-ons is ideal for this season. Your child can run, play, splash around and be active without worrying about falling down or getting shoes dirty. Stay away from flip flops as they don’t offer sufficient grip.

#6 Socks, anyone?
Ideally keep your child in rubber sandals or slip-ons only. But if you must use socks, search online for some colourful skin-friendly cotton socks. Remember, kids will play on wet surfaces and even outside in the mud. These comfortable socks will dry quickly, and also look very cute. Take them off as soon as your kid is indoors.

#7 Look for good quality active wear
Is your kid a budding sportsperson? Look for good quality sports clothes. The material used in these outfits is made to keep the wearer cool and dry. Most big sporting brands have a wide range of kids’ clothes. If your child really enjoys sports, then investing in these clothes will be a good idea, much better than sweat-soaked t-shirts that can mar the game.

#8 Nightwear is important too
Monsoon makes the nights a bit cooler, especially if it has been raining all day. Make your little one sleep in full-sleeved cotton night suits for a good night’s sleep. If your kid is less than a year old, footie pajamas or rompers are good for rainy nights.

Kids fashion is tough enough throughout the year. With these tips, at least the monsoon should not be such a challenge anymore. Cute, dry and comfortable – what else will you want your kid to be in these few months?

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