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5 wardrobe essentials for the modern man

A structured wardrobe is the mark of a stylish individual. Miuccia Prada had quoted, “Fashion is an instant language”, and it holds true in every regard. Your wardrobe may be a reflection of who you are but the image is always alterable. Whether you may be looking for an overall revamp or just some tips to up your style game, we’ve got your back. Wardrobe essentials are the tried and tested outfits, accessories, add-ons in your wardrobe that really matter and never fail to strike a statement. We rounded up 5 wardrobe essentials every modern man who knows that style is priceless needs in his wardrobe.

  • The classic white shirt

A white shirt is a classic piece for every wardrobe. Be it meetings, presentations, or just a random day at work. When styled correctly, it can look incredible. It is one piece of clothing that can be styled formally as well as causally. Pair it with dark coloured trousers and polished lace up shoes to look classy at your boring meetings; or pair with some good light blue denims and you’re good to go for your after-work date.

  • A timeless grey casual jacket 

With winter ringing its bells, we had to add a Grey casual jacket to the list. There are those days when you don’t feel like taking an extra effort to dress stylishly, but the grey jacket will always be at your rescue. It gives a relaxing vibe to your entire outfit in a jiffy, yet effortlessly. If grey’s not your colour, you can even opt for a solid navy blue or a pitch black one. We promise it won’t look anything lesser than laid-back.

  • Casual t-shirts without collar in neutral colours

The casual t-shirts without collar are a staple and can be worn on its own or always be layered under your trendy jacket or a warm zipper. Wear ones in versatile colours as they never go out of style. Make sure to stock up on pieces that give a good fit and are made out of good quality fabric. They can also be topped off with a well fitting blazer to give that semi formal look

  • Comfy shorts

Shorts are a must have for those casual day outs with your boys or when you just want to take your dog out to the beach. Accommodate the ones that fall in between snug and loose fitting and also something that ends right above your knee so you’ll get the right fit that won’t look trashy. Make it your new go to weekend look by pairing it with a casual half sleeved printed shirt and slip on shoes for an admiring casual look

  • Slim trousers

Trousers or chinos can be a great way to get out of the jeans cycle. It’s not every day that you have to wear jeans when you have good slim fitting trousers in your wardrobe. Buy them in colours that are more neutral so they can be paired with almost everything in your closet. Trousers are also a good break from the skinny fit that jeans give you, just make sure they’re not formal and the fabric is sturdy and comfortable, so as to look more suave every time you wear it.

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