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5 tricks to stop your clothes from smelling musty in the monsoon

For all the romantic notions that the movies spin around the monsoon, none talk about the condition of monsoon clothing. From damp clothes to muddy stains to musty smells, monsoon fashion has it all.

However much you might pay the local laundry, the smell just doesn’t seem to leave soon enough. If you’re at your wit’s end and are looking for some quick fixes for this embarrassing problem, you’re at the right place.

Read on to know how to wash clothes to stop them from smelling musty this monsoon.

#1 Don’t dump used clothes in the machine
If you have the habit of coming home and tossing worn clothes in the washing machine until the next wash cycle, stop! The closed environment will only make your wet, sweaty clothes smell more. And the longer the smell percolates, the tougher it is to get rid of.

Dropping them in a laundry basket will not work either for the same reasons. Instead, find a place to hang your clothes somewhere where they will get a chance to breathe until it is time for a good rinse.

#2 Add vinegar or baking soda to the detergent
Vinegar and even baking soda are excellent at absorbing unpleasant smells. These ingredients don’t have a smell of their own and they will leave your clothes smelling fresh.

Add a cup of white vinegar or baking soda along with a good detergent when you wash your clothes next.

#3 Give then a good soak
Monsoon calls for better wash care. Soak your clothes in the machine for a bit before you wash them. That gives the detergent a chance to work its magic. Also, pick a detergent with a nice strong fragrance. Of course, follow washing instructions and soak dark and light clothes separately.

What about the clothes that come back from the laundry smelling as bad or worse? You can soak these clothes in a fabric softener for 10-15 minutes and just rinse them. They will come out smelling fresh and nice.

#4 Dry clothes indoor
Don’t hang your clothes out to dry in the monsoon. The high humidity will not allow your clothes to dry thoroughly. And hoping for the sun to show up while you are at work to dry your clothes is like waiting for a miracle. Instead, put your clothes up on a good indoor stand and leave them in your room, with the fan on for faster drying.

#5 Store your clothes right
After you do all this, if you feel that your clothes still come out smelling damp from the wardrobe, then you need a quick fix there too. Just place a few sticks of chalk in the drawers and shelves. This will absorb excess moisture and leave your clothes smelling fresh.

Try these handy tips this monsoon and banish that musty smell from your clothes. The monsoon is also a great time to discard clothes that you haven’t worn for some time. You can sell used second-hand clothes online, only at

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