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5 reasons you must choose special activewear when exercising

Most of us slip into an old comfortable t-shirt and shorts when we head out to exercise. However, did you know that proper workout clothes can actually improve your performance?

Let’s understand why it matters what you wear for a workout. Here are 5 reasons why you should choose special activewear for your fitness needs.

#1 Boosts confidence
The term for this is ‘enclothed cognition’. This basically means when you know you’re dressed right, or when you’re looking good, it has a positive impact on your confidence. If you think it will make you perform better, chances are that you will perform better.
When you wear exercise clothes that fit well and give you support in the right areas, you will feel confident and will want to work that much harder. Additionally, you will want to go to the gym more often.

#2 Improves performance
There are some clothes that are built to enhance your performance. Consider swimming in a decent swim suit as against shorts. Just the drag created by the pocket can slow you down.
Or simply wearing a shirt that pulls the sweat away from your body can make your morning jog that much more enjoyable and therefore even extend your exercise time. Or ditch that top that doesn’t let your body breathe. The accumulated heat will cause discomfort and you will leave your exercise halfway.

#3 Protects and prevents injuries
Ill-fitting workout clothes for men can cause sports-related injuries that can interfere with your daily routine. Or clothes that leave you exposed to elements, whether the extreme cold or sun, can really impede your workout. Look for clothes that cover your arms and legs in winter, and also protect you from the sun so you don’t need to clog up your pores with sunscreen.
Workout clothes for women include wearing the right fitting sport bra for support and comfort.
Wear a cap; cover your face with a scarf; use gloves when using equipment or while cycling or when rock climbing. Don’t forget the importance of the right shoes. You need something that will not cause blisters or cramps, or will cause your foot to slip out. Look for shoes that offer you protection and the right support. And change them regularly.

#4 Improves freedom of movement
Exercising right means being able to make free, full movements. However, if your clothes come in the way or are too tight, you will either not get the full benefit of your workout, or end up injuring yourself in the bargain. Don’t look for cheap workout outfits. Spend a bit more so you don’t get affected by the tightness of your clothes. Shirts should be loose, while shorts should be the right fit. Shorts that are tight or loose in the crotch will impact your routine. If you wear a cap make sure it’s not too tight around your head or too loose where it might fall off.

#5 Aids in safety
Do you like to exercise outdoor? Then invest in a pair of running shorts with reflective strips on the side to make you visible to cars. Or invest in a pair of cycling shorts that won’t get tangled up in the chain. The activewear clothing industry is huge and it is growing rapidly. Of course, you don’t have to spend a bomb on your workout outfits. Look for sales or if you wish to buy used clothing online India has many options.

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