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5 Fabulous colours that complement Indian Skin Tones

From beige porcelain to a warm honey, Indian skin tones are as diverse as the culture in our country. For such eclectic skin tones there is an entire colour spectrum that ranges between black and white that is just waiting to be worn and flatter them all.

We have handpicked seven colours that not only suit Indian skin tones, but also make them look sharp!

1. Magenta pink

There is something about pink that makes anyone and everyone look good. Men who are bold enough to have worn a shade will tell you no different. To women, even though certain shades may be putting off, pink is a colour we can’t not have. Not baby pink, but magenta pink is the colour that you should be after. Whether in a blouson, a scarf or even your fingernails flashing them don’t shy away from this shade as this shade of pink will not fail you.

2. Aubergine purple

In the past, this shade of purple has been associated with royalty and for good reason. For dusky skin tones that have a warmer skin tone, this shade of purple is the best way to add elegance and élan to your wardrobe. Consider a gown, maybe even a jacket or even a corset silhouette top in this bright yet dark colour is a good choice. Since this colour tends to be on the darker side, if used cleverly you can use it camouflage a certain area that you are unhappy with.

3. Emerald green

Even though colours like teal are mostly opted for when it comes to green as they give a more calmer and cooler effect, accents of emerald green or even if used wisely for colour blocking should be worthy of your consideration. The best part is that you can add extra oomph or rein it in with how you choose to wear this colour.

4. Marsala red

Not only is this shade of red an international sensation, it is soon becoming a timeless colour. Flattering to people with warmer skin tones and even those with cooler ones, this colour can be worn with pants and skirts as well. Don’t be shocked if the LBD is replaced by the Marsala red dress! Perfect with minimal accessories or even statement pieces, this colour is versatile.

5. Cobalt blue

Even though Indigo has been a wardrobe staple for years, cobalt blue is soon becoming the new favourite. Though indigo is best worn in cottons, cobalt blue looks good in a variety of fabrics silk and chiffon included. Being on the darker spectrum of colours the colour has a sophisticated charm and suits most silhouettes and body types.

Burnt Sienna, shimmery gold, tomato red, and classic earthen colours such as bottle green, mustard yellow, and maroon are other colours that suit Indian skin tones to the T. Irrespective of the colour you wear and the skin tone you have, remember to always wear something that you are comfortable in and confident to carry off.

Once you are comfortable and confident, try experimenting with small statement pieces such as tops and accessories to add more vibrancy to your look. Kiabza is the perfect shopping destination to start experimenting and adding more value added pieces to your wardrobe.

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